Dog in Kuwait

Being in kuwait for 3 months is really a diffecult time, its so hot in here, Super hot, i already saw what a sand storm look like, I did not experience rain like i mostly experience in the philippines. when i live in my first accomodation in Fintas 2 i got curious if there are dogs in this country becaues i only saw cats. ask some of the filipinos but they joke at me like the people who live here don’t like dogs, But when i was transfered here in Farwaniya i was shock when i saw this dont know if he owned by someone or a stray dog dipping his body in the water. Its so funny they also feel what we feel. I think if this dog can talk he would probably say why is this place so hot. Even at night the air still hot. But i still thank God for giving me the opportunuty to work here atleast i can send money to my family in the philippines and i can buy whatever i want and needs. :-) life is life its just a matter of how we deal with.. Like the cartoon movie “meet the Robinsons” Keep Moving forward!!! :-)

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