Since our nanay ming2x (grandmother) health situation is deteriorating, my mother took responsibility in taking care of her for many weeks now, will except today and hopefully in the following days because she will have her Handmaid for Christ retreat this August in General Santos and she ask her other siblings to take care of our nanay for a couple of days. And if our nanay is here of course this little cousin of ours is present always, you can’t let this two separate because nanay will always look for her, even if she just went outside to play. And yesterday while we are resting in our balcony together with our pets sassy and prince I take some picture of her just for fun and I wanted to post it in FB for her mother who is working abroad to see her. And every time I say smile she always put her hand below her chin, all photos of her are the same, whether she will hold sassy or have a solo shots, hand always below the chin, just like mister Pogi. I ask her once to make a mcdonald post, she oblige but after 1 post back to old post again,.LOL

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