Lazy Me

Listening to this song makes me feel better, but not like the songs, because for weeks now I still don’t feel like doing anything, even eating and taking a bath, I’m very lazy this past weeks, that is why my parents always make sermons of me early in the morning because I will not get up on my bed ’till 10am. I seldom eat breakfast and I always ate my lunch 3 in the afternoon. I would really love to join meme’s and giveaways and blog-hopping but for some reasons my laziness won always. hehehe! maybe I should meditate or something. I don’t even clean our house, especially my room, lots of prince and sassy’s fur and dust all over. My mother always told me that my room doesn’t look like a room of a lady because my dirty cloths and other stuff are just hanging everywhere. I tried to read tagalog pocketbooks earlier but just scan the the pages. So lazy song of Bruno Mars is my personal song for myself. :loser:

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