Mixed Thoughts

I have a boring life. Yes I do. What could be boring with a jobless 30 years old single lady who still live in her parents. I’m glad I live in the Philippines because kids are so allowed to stay with their parents even if they reach 50 years old or more. I mean this kind of lifestyle is totally acceptable in our culture. Another thoughts I am having right now is things I needed to do and take care with. I also need to buy fat burners because my boyfriend keep insisting to burn some of my unwanted fats. Not that he minds about it but as a gym instructor he is just giving advices. I really do need get a job but where on earth I can find one.

In addition to my rants, my internet is taking so long to get re install. But, just hang in there because it will be reinstall soon, that is what the person in the PLDT told me. As for my parents, i am glad they’re back in CDO because it’s hard to maintain their house and handle all the bills and stuff. My sister in kuwait so far she is doing great and been sending us money which is really a good help for us. These are just my thought today that I need to steam out.

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