Movies Anyone? I am Depress.

I am watching this new movie of Hom Hanks and Julia Roberts, It’s still next picture in the gaisanu movie house but my boarder suggested it to me that she saw the thriller and she said it is a good movie. Yeah! I can really relate to this movie, I thought that only here in the Philippines that high school graduates or undergrad person don’t have lots of opportunity to find good jobs or have a job. But when Larry Crowne (Hom hanks) got fire with his job in a supermarket because he never got to college was kind of depressing. I believe as in believed that looking for a job in the states as long as you know the job, you educational background does not matter. And he look for other jobs but he has no luck at all and dicided to go to collge so that his experience will never happen to him again.

And I watch yesterday the movie Morning Glory and it has the same scenario with this movie of tom hanks, she also got fire because the network she’s working as a producer in a morning show hired another producer who has MBA degree and all the stuff about school. To bad I was not a degree holder, if a person in the US have difficulty finding jobs in their country and we all know that most of the Pilipino are going to that place because they say that they will have more opportunity their, how much more here in the Philippines. I am saying this because I’ve been to many job fairs and all the company was looking was a degree holder, have a license with this and that and have 3 or many experience related to this job, how can you have an experience with that position when other company won’t hire you because you don’t have college degree or not an MBA or never been to graduate school. And even some of the graduate student here never given a chance because they don’t finish in well know school, even the school you graduated matters. Life is really hard and frustrating, don’t you think?

And all those two movies I mention really is funny and really good movies. You should watch it.

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