My Father is an XOXO man

Most of the guys don’t really like gossip right? will that’s what I though but that changes because of my father. Hehe, when we transfer here in the City after my father decided to retire early with his job as a security guard in Del Monte in Bukidnun, before his hobby or past time is Sabong or cock derby and he has plenty of roaster before that uses for this kind of fight but since it’s a bit out of space in our new house in the City, he gives some of his rosters to his friends and some of it are taking care by his close friends. He got hold of his roster only Saturdays and Sundays because that’s the only day he got to go to a cock fight somewhere in cagayan but he spend his weekdays roaming around our new neighborhood and that’s when he learn how to gossip, most of his friend now is a lot younger that him because all his old friends live in a far City so they can’t really meet in a place closer to our house but if he has time and extra money he will visit them or they will meet somewhere. He just sit in a sari2x store with his new friends or go to the seawall and play some tong.its and that’s when his days become colorful, most of the time when he come home he will telling us that the daughter of this person is like that or our neighbor who work abroad just got home that’s why they are noisy. But one day he come home looking for me and I was laughing very hard, when he told me that he heard some rumors about me that I was pregnant, when I told my mother about it she just laugh to, and told my father that it is wonderful if it’s true. I can tell that my father is really bored but at the some time happy about his daily activities because when they went to General Santos, he will always tell my mother that he want to go home already cause, he doesn’t like it there. Now he’s back to his old pastime again and discover or should I say learn some secrets of our neighborhood.

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