Need New Cellphone

Do you know how to repair a cellphone that is going loko? because if you ask me!, I have the same problem that you have. My brother give me my touch screen cellphone when he come back from working abroad, as a seaman, actually I just took it from him, when we ransack his luggage. My sister was jealous when she saw me holding it and insisted that she should have it, she said; she’s younger and her cellphone was old, but instead, I give her my own phone so i could keep the one I took. And now I’m having problem with that phone, at first, the battery floated, so I went to the mall and look for a shop that sells affordable
cell batteries, at last problem solve. Then after a week another problem occurs but this time I don’t know if my phone will be fixed. Looking for a cheaper parts and services is very hard, especially now that I’m still looking for a job.

For the time being, I’m borrowing my father’s cellphone, if I have some important person to text or call, while saving a lot of money for new phone or just enough to get my old cellphone fixed.

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