Prince On the Go.

Since his master left this cute dog, he is in my care for almost 3 months and he’s not been outside since, will because I’m a lousy owner , I admit it, just what happen with my pet rabbit, he died at early age. So instead of get bored and sleep, he will chase sassy and if he hears something in our roof, he will run and bark going to our little balcony and watch the cats chase each other. And this is how he looks like while watching them, this is for my sister shahz. hehehe!

While looking at the family of cats resting in the roof of our neighbor, since their house is lower than our, we have the advantage in seeing them below, hehe will except for our other neighbor who prevent us to see the light because of their fire wall and with rooftop house.

And finding the good shot for him, he looks like a prisoner.

And somewhere in this shot is the cats lair, If you look closely you can see the cats. Hehe, I’m not a good photographer and I only use my cellphone on this.

And this is him when he almost fell in the table trying to jump at the opposite chair just because he wanted to go to the roof and thank God I catch him on time or else he will be limping today.. Lol

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