Sassy the Cat is Pregnant

Our 1yr old cat sassy was amazingly pregnant at a very early age, I really don’t know what the cats age that they suppose be ready to be a mommy but now I know because of our cat sassy my sister shahz stray cat is very much pregnant. I don’t know how many weeks already but her tummy is getting bigger everytime I saw her and she quit very fun in eating and sleeping to, I thought only humans have that but sassy is always sleeping and when she wakes up she will immediately disturb me with her very noisy mweo asking for food and thank God she eats dogfood because I have plenty of stock because of our dog prince who seldom eat his dogfood because he prepares leftover food. But after she finish eating and already sleep the whole day, at night she will be in our rooftop only she knows what she’s been doing and we just heard some noisy sound of cats then a thug afterward. Some time I will let her sleep outside because she has this habit of being a clingy cat, always bugging me in my sleep but when I saw her in the morning, she looks like a certified stray cat because of her looks, the white fur will turn into dirty white and have little wound or scratch in her ears and other parts of her upper body. So now, every evening before I sleep, I need to find her and wont close the door until she inside and safe with her suitor especially now that sassy the cat is pregnant.

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