Shopping at Kitkai

Last week when I received the money my sister sent us and since I was in kitkai that time, one of the mall here in Cagayan de Oro, I immediately bought the sandal and cologne I’ve been wanting to buy for months. It’s not that expensive but it’s not also advisable for me to bought it before because I have some debt to pay that time. So I went to that store to buy it before the stock runs out, because they have that on sale. And was too excited to transfer to other store to buy some sale books to, I immediately went to the cashier to pay, but unfortunately, their barcode scanners was having problem after attending the other customers. I have no choice but wait ’till their technician will come and fixed the machine but for the meantime they have to do the paying manually. To much for my enthusiast to look for new books.

Sometimes, it’s really not a good idea that your always in a hurry to go places because unexpected events will occurs to stop you from the rush.

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