Staying Late Again

Having a siblings who live in the other side of the globe is kind of hard sometime, when you want to communicate with them, to know if their doing good. Just like now, We just finish talking with my sister who live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and my younger sister who work in Kuwait because we have to sleep late because of the time difference and at the same time I envy them because they’re there and we’re here. Even if we wanted to talk with them in the morning, we cant because it’s already evening in their place. Just like the old times, I sleep late because I was bloghopping and updating my blog, now I’m back again staying late always, watching movies and chatting with my siblings abroad. My plan yesterday evening is to watch movie after checking my blog, and right now I’m still blogging and no time to watch movie anymore because it’s already 4 in the morning, my fathers chicken is already making their morning noises telling that it’s already time to wake up.

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