Time Out

When I started blogging I always have this attitude of always leave it to later, if I don’t have anything to write or I have and idea but my mind won’t function in choosing with the right words or the nice entry, that’s why I always leave it till later, until my laziness won. Then I will told my self that I’m having a writers block, just to have fun with my self or sometime blame it to the connection just to justify my laziness and luck of smart words to write. And sometimes joining a meme as many as I can, just to replace the vacant post, and meme’s help me a lot most of the time, but last month, I think, my sister told me to post only 1 meme a day because that time my home page full of meme’s all the post are the meme I’m participate, I don’t have anything to write anymore, my mind got stuck again somewhere in my head and I was worried about it. Most of the time I always relay on meme so when my sister told me that, I start taking pictures of everything I saw, even if my camera was broken, I use my phone and take as many picture, in the mall, road signs, animals in the petshop even the dress display in a boutique, just to have something to write about. But when I start uploading the photo and start writing about that pic, my mind got stock again, then I will do my thinking routine, reading books, play with the dog or lay down in my bed for a minute then if nothing really pop.out in my mind, I will sign out and leave the page then watch movies or TV. It is really hard for me to be like the others and I envy them and now I will go and rest my brain again for I really don’t know what to say anymore. LOL

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