Useful Uses

When my boyfriend decided to stay in Cagayan, while his mother and sister went to Cebu. He is oblige to take the responsibility to take care of their house and all the other task like pay the bills and all. But when his water connection got busted and he can’t fix it right away because it will take few days to repair the damage and also he has to save money for the payment. And in order for him to have water for a few days while waiting for his water connection to be in good running condition again, we ask his neighbor, an old lady who live alone that if we can fetch water and was generous enough to lend us her barrel so that we can stock water for the following days but my boyfriend think of a easy, fast and useful solution to the problem and decided to buy braided hose, so that we he will not stock water anymore, we just connect it to their neighbors faucet for the meantime while his connection is under repair.

Now my boyfriend can water her plants and wash his cloths without going back and fort to get some water to his neighbor because he already has alternative idea how to make the scenario much easier to handle. He is really bless to have a neighbor like lola, I just called her lola because I don’t know her name,she is always their to help and it’s a nice thing to have meet a person like her, not asking for anything in return. God Bless you Lola.

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