What’s Your Sign?

I’m reading the book my sister brought us about astrology and was entertained a bit, it said that astrology is the world’s oldest science that have found star charts made by Egyptian astrologers in 4200 b.c.!. The everyone is born at a certain time, in a certain spot. Our birth is a burst of energy, which fuses with a surrounding force field. The force field is made up of the position of the sun, the moon, and the planets at the exact moment of your birth. All these things together mean that you are a physical linked to the solar system as anything you see around you.

Just like when Jesus was born, the tree kings followed the stars to witness the born of our savior. And sometimes I relay on my horoscope about things. I did subscribe to daily horoscope in my FB. And because I’m a LIBRA, special time: September 23-October 22 born when day and night hours are perfectly equal, complete balance! In the old days this was the time of the year when scaled ruled. Weighted crops and grains on scale after harvesting them. Libra loves everyone to enjoy.
Awesome Traits: Charmer of the zodiac, diplomatic, peace-loving,sensitive,idealistic,appreciative, thoughtful, artistic,sociable, and passionate about justice and most likely like dogs and cats.

I only want to put the good things. hehehe.

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