Being Prepared

My friend lives alone since he was still in high school, his mother and sister transfer to Cebu because of work and school. And since then had to learn how to budget his money and adjust to the new situation that is being alone in the house. He has plenty of friends, but most of them are busy with works and their own family. So his thinking ahead, like buying things if time comes when he decided to have a family of his own, but before that time comes he needs to buy a new mattress first because the old one are all reap-off and now I’m helping him look for a new bed and comfortable mattress along with it. I have few choices about mattress, but the most important is that mattress makes me feel comfortable and beautiful even if i am not the one sleeping on it, LOL. He is a big guy so we need a really durable, good for two people and that can accommodate his whole body as will as extra people possible and can last for years mattress. So I’m planning on looking for a company that customize mattress and affordable as will. He just started with his new job so he had to be tight in budgeting all his salary because he has monthly bills to worry and think about to.

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