Cheap Book Sale at National Book Store

Ever since we transfer here in the City, and learning where to buy Tagalog novels, national book store became the best-est place for me Lol, before, even if I only have 50pesos money left in my wallet, I still went to national to buy novels, I don’t care if I don’t have money anymore to buy food, reading novels is all that matters. But lately I got bored in reading it, my addition to it fade away just like that, instead I like looking at the English novels sale at national, scanning them and if the story interest me I will buy it since it’s really cheap. Last week I bought 1 book only at the price of P50.00 and I wanted to start reading English books also to enhance my vocabulary and comprehension prower. hehehe. And I don’t really need lots of English books for now because last year my sister bought lots of it, (exaggerated me)at the same book store. She is the one who inspired me in a way and I it took me many months to finish all of it, so now I’m planning on buying new once and hopefully finish it right away.

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