Monday! Monday!

Since I sleep at around tree in the morning earlier, I wake up late and hungry, I even dreamed that one of my cousin in Cebu told me that I get slimmer every time we see each other, we’re eating lunch that time, then out of the blue I heard my mother calling my father that breakfast is ready, she never ever includes me. But I go back to sleep because I’m still sleepy and wake up 11 in the morning because the Showtime show my mother is watching is so noisy. And since it’s almost lunch, I went to the kitchen right away, and the moral lesson or the bottom line of this post is that, I’m still hungry because in our kitchen only rice and banana are available to eat. So I dare to conclude that this Monday is not one of my FAV Monday morning ever. I have to cook and we don’t even have coffee. We have coffee maker (it’s my sister) and a water heater and no coffee!. Yeah!, not one of the mornings I’m happy I wake up even if it’s late. I want to go back to sleep, but the sun is preventing me to do it, it’s very hot and my room’s ceiling fun is releasing heat air, can I sleep inside the ref!. :hypnotized:

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