MOvie Marathon

Yesterday I was not able to write anything and not even a visit in my blog. I’ve been busy downloading movies in our laptop so I could watch movies anytime I want. And also, my brain was not in good writing condition yesterday. So instead of hurting my head and suffer internal bleeding LOL, before, it was just a nose bleed, hehehe!. I may not be able to go to California to study film in one of their schools, but I still love movies. Anyhow, I continue downloading movies and watch them, if I find it boring, I will delete and look again for a nice romantic movie and download it again. And so far I download 7 movies yesterday and was very happy, I was able to watch Sweet Home Alabama, I already saw this movie but I forgot, then Morning Glory which is nice to, Bridesmaids it’s very funny and entertaining, I can relate somehow hehehe. And now I just finish the movie My girlfriends boyfriend and planning to watch it after I finish my other chores. I still need to buy viand for my father and wash dishes and swipe the floor and many more. Thank God I finish my laundry yesterday so I just wait ’till all my clothes will dry.

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