Nana; Prince 3 days Fling

Nana and Prince in their last day together.

This photo was taken just this morning and the last day of prince meeting his mate NANA; a Dachshund dog. For months, I’m looking for a suitable dog for our prince to be his mate because our female dog sweetie won’t allow prince to get too close to her, so I look and ask friends of mine if they have a female dog cause our prince is almost 2years old and very much active male dog.



When nana and prince meet, they didn’t click right away but after a few minutes of circling around, growling at each other and chasing each other, they became friends but not that close but close non the less.

Very sweet in this pic, only the two of them knows what happen for the last minutes of their being together because I leave prince in the owner’s house because she has to drop her kids to the school first.

Before we leave, they chase each other for the last time, and maybe the last time they’re together because prince is getting heavier every months and I’m just not that strong to carry him for 45 mints ride from the City to Bugo trinitas back and fort.

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