Our Stray Cat Sassy Giving Birth

will, I did not video the whole giving birth thing even thought I saw it when the 2nd kitten went out with her. s

Sassy’s kittens, a white one that exactly look like her with strips in the head and the other one that I think look like the cat that devirginize her. Yes! she’s not even one year old yet as far as I know but she’s already a mommy cat, hehehe, will i don’t really know what age the cat will be adult and ready to mingle and I did not bother searching it online to, I’m that lazy people, i know LOL.

Excuse their mattress guys, hehe It was sudden, she just making noise then poop, kittens are out. But i did find her nice and comfortable bed but she refuse to stay in it and instead pick the printer box.

The whole family of cats. The dog by the way is standing next to the box, you can’t see him because he will not fit in my cellphone camera. But is sassy’s out and I in to disturbed the kittens, prince will sometimes act like a mommy, he even prevented sassy from nurturing her kittens and last I still don’t know the gender of the two so no names yet. ahahahaha I sound like I’m talking to a real baby but just like my FB copy paste status, that I’m against animal cruelty
…/\„,„/\……… //^ ^\\
…( =’;’= )…….(/(_•_)\)
I DON’T LIKE people that hurt animal. hehehe.

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