Problem with Water supply + Water Bill Increase

Last month I went to this organization where my mother is a member, she ask me to do some errand for her and before I went out of the establishment, the security guard ask me if I could sign their protest against our water bill increase. And that time I was really not aware that their is an issue about it, but I don’t want that to happen also, so I sign my name on their list. But the other day I was watching the local news, it’s really true that they are planning to increase our water bill. We already have a problem with our water supply and now this water increase, it’s like this; our house is a two story house, we have bathroom in both floors but the problem is, it’s not the normal pipe that sustained our water running. We have a tank that connect to a water pump , it is the one that provide water in our bathroom upstairs because, if we use the regular pipe, the water will not flow in, but we still have problem with it because once or twice a week, we don’t have water, so we have to store water daily so we can do our daily house choirs and we can take a bath. Before we have only one problem and that is to find another water pump that works better, now we have two problem and both are involved money, how lucky can you get.

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