Tuesday Pastime

Today was kind a different from the other days I have, first I wake up early, not my usual morning hour to wake up to see the world. I accompany my father going to the ATM to withdraw his SSS pension and teach him this time how to use the ATM, but he made a statement that it was difficult, but still I encourage him that just read the instructions because he can do it by himself and not needing others help, but he just looked at the machine and went to his motor. And me, staying in front of our laptop for eight hours, no breakfast, lunch only a bowl of champorado while my two pets sassy and prince running around the house. Nothing much to be excited about, will I just canceled a birthday invitation because it’s really late. I love to go, but the house is too far and I don’t like to travel today. I just imagine later I’m eating lechon and spaghetti and fruit salad, O fine I’m really hungry, got to eat sometimes you know! LOL.

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