Vacation Plan

The last time I did a really grand vacation was years ago and it was my sister treats. All four girls of us went to some falls and rented a cottage near the beach. Now my friend and I are planning to take a vacation just for a few days to get away the stress and boredom in our system, especially me. Actually this plan is overdue, last year we plan in going to Leyte because he’s been bragging me about the beach there that they have a white sand and we can go snorkeling if we wanted to. And now he’s been giving me orders to inquire about the ticket fare and hopefully this vacation plan will push through because I really want to go to a nice beach for a long time. I want to experience scuba diving or snorkeling, witness the beauty underwater and hope they have some equipment for it. I read about this liquid image summit series goggles online that you don’t need to bring camera underwater and since we don’t own one that will survive underwater I hope they have one or at-less similar to it.

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