BC Bloggers Update


Hello to all Bloggers out there, BC Bloggers is back again to help bloggers gain backlinks by commenting and fill their blogrolls the fast and easy way and the BC Bloggers motto is , “We don’t have to beg for links.”

New bloggers have found us to be a great tool in putting their blogs on the “map” so to speak.

Just follow the steps:

1. Blog about BC Bloggers to encourage others to sign up and link to http://www.mommydiary.net/. The more people joining the more links you’ll have. Don’t forget to share your post at Facebook and twitter!

2. Add our BC Bloggers badge (copy code below)in your sidebar. If your blog already has the old one you can update it with the new one or leave it as it is.


3. Add a page in your blog to show where you’ll add the BC Bloggers links. You can add it to your blog roll or existing BC Bloggers links. Our only requirement is please make sure to this is linked to your homepage.

Once you’re done submit your details at:


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