Busy Watching TV Series

Since last week I was busy searching and looking for Grey’s Anatomy Tv series and was happy that They still have the season 7 DVD and I bought it right away. Then finish watching the whole season 7 ’till the episode and still craving for more, so I downloading the season 8, episode 1-6 and still got get enough but to sad because they don’t have episode 7 yet. Then try to look again for another TV show that I can enjoy watching. and found The New girl but they only have season 1 but only 1- 3 episode. Here in our country, TV shows abroad are seldom shown , well except before at studio 23. And my sister’s and I really looking forward for their FUSE TV show as in update TV shows like grey’s anatomy and more but now as I remember only smallville but sometimes it’s a reply so I seldom watching it now. Thank God I have an internet connection I can watch the update and discover new TV shows abroad that is really nice. Now I’m busy watching The secret Circle and after this planning on watching How I meet Your Mother, wooh hooo having a really good time this week.

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