Come in Handy

My father’s love to fix broken things in our house, but he is old already, sometimes he forgot where he puts his repair equipment. He doesn’t have a toolbox so he just put it in a bag and my father has a habit to forget where he puts it after using so my mother and I would tell him where it is. Before, my youngest sister is the one helping him organized his tool equipment, but since my sister went abroad and my mother can’t help him with that department because she busy to attending her religious activities so I have no choice, but to assist my father in fixing all broken things in our house. But since my parents are planning to move and I can’t go with them, I too old to live in with them so I decided to live alone and let them enjoy each other’s company. And I know metal detectors is one of my father needs, well except for a my mother, it comes in handy when finding lost things like a coin or a metal equipment use for repairing broken faucets and looking nails use for fixing some broken chair. It is easier with you have a useful equipment inside the house for emergency purposes right?

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