Do A Little Shopping

My main agenda or plan is attend the Sunday mass like the usually Sunday’s. Instead, I just lite a candle then texted my mother if she want to eat pizza with us after her CLP seasion and do a little shopping for myself and our pets. I bought a Dentastix for prince for his dental hygiene because his breath is not pleasant to smell anymore and I tried as is really tried to brush his teeth but he will eat the toothpaste so I bought dentastix to help him with his tartar problem and all. Then a whiskas junior for the kitten (cat-food), mackerel flavor and 1kg princesscat cat food for the mother sassy. It’s our 4rth time this month to buy food for sassy because prince is eating the cat-food also if I’m not around and I’m always not around LOL. And last, I buy something for my self like toothpaste for my sensitive gum, alcohol, tissue, a cotton buds (I forgot whats the other name for it) and season 7 of Grey’s Anatomy and I’m watching it right now while waiting for my season 6 episode 23 and 24 Grey’s Anatomy to download.

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