Few Days Internet Shutdown

Good thing it’s already Saturday and it’s a very wonderful day. I may not win any from the prizes in some of the giveaways I’ve joined at least today I could call it my lucky day because my internet connection has finally back. If my friend wasn’t eager to use the internet last Monday, I would not know that I’m having a disconnection problem. I thought that they did not send me a bill statement it’s their way of telling that they use the money for the installation fee, but no, they don’t even give me warnings and even a call telling that they will temporary disconnect our connection until I pay the previous bills which by the way was not I’m expected the amount would be. I wonder if the people at the Internet company need to enroll in online masters degree programs to figure out how to keep our Internet online.

However, the problem with the people in this company is that, when I call the company line they told me that they will make a report about not sending a bill statement and not reminding us that we’re very much behind with our payments. But I’ll stop complaining already, it makes me remember them., so my advice for those who subscribes to any internet connection company, we have to ask them every month if our bill is up before they will temporary terminate again the connection, it’s a self-service as far as I understand it.

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