My Father’s Sentiments

Just got home from roaming around the city and now listening to my father’s sentiment about my mother. Actually this is not new to me or to us, my siblings can vouch for it especially our youngest who knew and I know misses my father’s complains to my mother’s activities. And since I’m the only one left in the house so I have no choice, but to listen to him and say a few comforting words to calm him hehehe!. I can say to that my mother is always busy with her religious activities and the usual complaints of my father is money, not always around to take care of him and not giving him money for his pastime, which is cock fight. Ever since my mother got involve in her handmaid for Christ family, she becomes busy and sometimes spend all her money and I can’t blame her for it because they always travel, prepare for if they have Bible reading or something, transformation expenses since most of their members lives in far barangay and more. My father is the one adjusting to her, but even-thought they’re like cats and dogs most of the time, but in the end of the day I can hear them talk about it and it’s like they never argue a while ago.

That’s my father always make complains, but he still can’t do anything about it and just agree with my mother’s decisions because he doesn’t like confrontation. Funny right, but that’s the always situation in our house, my father loves my mother so much that he just make complains when my mother is not her to listen.

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