Speedtest for Internet Speed

I apply for smart broadband plug it, its fine with me because when I saw their advertisement and it was great and the monthly is cheap and it’s 1mbps but the sad part is only on its first day and the connection was slow as a snail. It only lasted a month then I unsubscribe again and I discover, well actually the smart provider told me about this, in order to know that they really are giving what they promise, speedtest.net is the solution. I can be aware wither it’s really a 1mbps speed or they just saying it so people will apply to them. Then I went back to our old provider hoping maybe this time they won’t be any NO Connection often. Only a few problems occur like billing and stuff heehe and I have a tool that makes me know why my internet connection went slow. You should try it and they even have a few suggestions how to make you connection fast online.

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