The Heart of the Matter

As I was staring at my FB wall thinking what good article or post I would write that is interesting to read, then I notice a book just lying beside our laptop. The book tackles about heart condition and precautions that’s good for our heart. And I just read a post in my FB wall that one of her/his relatives die of heart-attack while working abroad and it is so sad what happen to that person. Today, we have to be more aware on how to take care and be careful with our health, especially our heart because heart attack is traitor, how can we enjoy life to the fullest if we just die without knowing we have heart problems, it’s not to late to take care of our heart. There’s no justice if you just die of heart attack and not with old age or some illness that you know existed in you, right?

It says people who are well-informed are usually health-conscious. They are wise eaters and cholesterol-conscious. They exercise a lot and don’t smoke, they know that a healthy body is the product of a healthy lifestyle. Yet even people in developing countries are victims of heart attack, a leading cause of death, mainly because they overlooked preventives care. Knowledge about heart matters brings about changes. It provides us facts needed on how to take care of our heart before it becomes too late for us to save it. People who are health-conscious, don’t smoke or use alcohol and are vegetarians are expected to live six years longer than the average population with only half as many fatal heart attacks. Why not start thinking taking care of our heart and live happy and die in our own time, so I will start eating healthy food, exercise and eat lots of tomatoes from now on, it’s the basic things to take good care of my heart. hehehe

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