Christmas Countdown Update

Wow! only 53 days left before Christmas and I know many of us are already thinking what gift to buy with our familys and special someone. I was watching Tv Patrol earlier worrying what to do to make my night a good night because I’ve been having a bad feeling earlier and when I heard how many days left before Christmas I kind of lighten my mood and happy even-thought I still don’t have job and I’m still trying to save money for the gifts and all. We always say that we can make it christmas everyday and we can if we wanted to but it’s still different when you celebrate it the same day Our savior was born right? The weather is different and all, so to all happy advance Christmas shopping and praying our coming Christmas will be merrier than ever. Remember only 53 days left so start eying those gift that is perfect for your love-one but they always say as long as it came from the heart it doesn’t matter if its expensive or not. ;-) woot! woot!

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