Gensanville: My Parents New Lovenest

I posted some of the pack things photos of my parents about many weeks ago and finally 2weeks ago Nov.6 we arrive at gensanville subdivision for the final house move. Gensanville located somewhere in General santos City, I’m not really familiar with the place or the city because that was my first time visiting the place. By the way my parents was busy packing their things particularly their personal belonging like clothes because of this and I was happy that i got to see their new house. Actually my brother suggested that they will transfer to Gensan so he can visit my parents anytime because its not far from Davao where he stays with his family. And we’re busy cleaning the house and buying stuff for the house but for now the house was almost empty. We only bring the needed stuff and even if we wanted to bring some of the appliances we can’t because we only rented a van. So here it is..

The kitchen and the dining room,the dining table was sold to us by the owner of the house so thank God we don’t have to buy dining table or eat in the floor. wink!
This is the bedroom near the master’s bedroom and the one i was staying because the master’s bedroom has a bathroom so I don’t have to go the kitchen to take a bath or something. hehe
Picture outside the house, it really need new paint so maybe next year or someday it will be painted. LOL
Living room and the 3rd bedroom.

My parents are still adjusting to the neighborhood and to the house and hopefully it will have appliances and things that are needed someday.

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