Juleane’s 4rth Birthday: Photos of her and her birthday presents

Last week I had the chance to witness my niece 4rth birthday. I only attended her christening and the rest I was unattended LOL. I’m so happy that I got the chance to see and greet her last Sunday Nov. 13. My parents was happy also seeing their granddaughter doing her silly act and cute smile again. I just took a few pic of her because she was busy roaming around the house greeting her visitors and playing with her BFF Stephani or phani to her hehehe. She is very busy to showing her new get.up and birthday gifts so my shots of her was not that photogenic.

Before I took this photo, she run outside to get this balloon she was holding.. LOL
And this is my mother’s gift to her, she order it to one of her CFC friends specially for this girl (barbie little doll)
A bunny stuff toy, a replacement for her live bunny that her father return because she will squeeze them if she had a chance.
And this is phani, my niece BFF in davao. helping her open her present from her tita Shahz.
Just sharing the happy moments

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