Prince 2nd Haircut

The first time we bring prince to a petshop groomer was very long time ago, I don’t even remember and our plan before is not to bring again our pet to the grooming shop because we believe we can do it our self. But when I try to cut his hair he keeps moving and moving so his hair will be uneven and I don’t really like cutting his hair because I don’t know how. And keeping prince fur is really difficult, he always have tangled fur and he doesn’t like brushing, or combing his fur maybe I did it too much that every time he sees me with a scissor or a comb in my hand he will run and hide under the bed. Then I decided to bring him again to the pet groomer and maybe I can start maintaining his fur smooth and tangled free and also avoid loosing his fur.

The last time my sister and I decided to just cut only and inch but this time I feel like he really needed to have shorter fur because I don’t want her fur to grow long in a short time. Having a short fur will keep me from worrying of his tangled any time soon even if he looks like a dachshund dog than a shitsu terrier hehehe well that’s what my friend said when he seen prince with his new cut and my mother keeps telling him bald and then laugh.

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