Rechargeable AA Battery

Here it is, expensive but useful my Rechargeable AA Battery

Finally! I got to buy this Rechargeable AA Battery for my sister fujifilm camera. It’s a long overdue and today was the accomplishment day LOL. Since the day I received the fuji camera I’ve been telling myself that I would buy immediately a Rechargeable AA Battery instead I’ve been buying those AA battery that are not rechargeable and its not really a smart choice because I always use my camera. When I went to Davao I only use it for a minute because the battery is already empty so I need to buy new ones. So today I decided to buy this so that I’m not going to worry anymore about empty battery and stuff and because I already had charger so why not even if its expensive hehehe.

Note: I already use the battery that is why the case is empty. LOL :rotfl:

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