Tagalog Pocketbooks For The Hopeless Romatic People Like “ME”

Since I was in high school I already love as in love reading tagalog pocketbooks. I don’t care if it’s a known author or publisher as long as its romantic and funny. If I learned that one of my classmate has a pocketbooks I always beg them to let me borrow it or if I’ve know a place where I can rent never minding the cost I’m always asking my parents to give me additional allowance so I could rent as many as I can. But after high school my parents move to the city and I discover a place where I can buy lots and lots of pocketbooks I was very much happy at last I can choose what kind of pocketbooks I want and I can even collect all my favorite author pocketbooks. And since that day tagalog pocketbooks first before dating or eating hehehe. I always sleep late or even if the light if off I will look for a flash light so that I can continue reading it and that is why I have problems now with my eyesight but that did not stop me to buy more and more tagalog pocketbooks, instead I bought my self a pair of eyeglasses and continue doing the old routine (sleep very late and read with only flashlight).

Now I have plenty of tagalog pocketbooks collection I even sell some of them and maybe when your old you got tire of collecting all of them and also some of my FAV author are not writing anymore. I seldom buy it and now I’m still selling some of my tagalog pocketbook collection. So for those who are interested and hopeless romantic like me try checking this out. I’m planning to post it in my FB account maybe when I overcome my laziness.

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