Window Shopping Again

Yesterday, I went to the mall to meet with my friend because his being generous again and want to treat me for lunch since I’m really lazy when it comes to household chores like cooking and cleaning. And I can’t take my eyes of to the things they are selling clothes, shoes, bags and others are very tempting. Mostly all the store are having their sale already and I’m thinking where can I get money to buy stuff for my family. So after the lunch I accompany my friend to the perfume store because he wants to buy perfume for himself and for me not to get jealous because he has money to spend I just entertain myself by looking for a things to buy this coming Christmas. Maybe I will do some window shopping first before I buy the stuff I’m planning to give as a gift for my family. Because right now I live alone again so I have to budget my expense and all that stuff regarding household problems. Hopefully some blessings will come my way before Christmas so I can do some extra shopping for myself not just looking at the stuff but actually buying it.

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