Cucumber For Lunch Anyone?

Being lazy has it’s very down effect and because I’m one of that person this is the price I get. I wake up today late as in very late (12:00 noon) because I clean the house around 9 in the evening then I finish cleaning around 1 in the morning. I don’t know whats got in to me, maybe this is one of the few crazy attitude of mine LOL. And since I wake up late and I don’t want to cook lunch and I’m soooo hungry and cucumber is easy to prepare. You just peel it off and slice it in sizes then lunch is serve and If I did not finish all of it I can still use it as a beauty regimen hehehe.

The cucumber is a creeping vine that roots in the ground and grows up trellises or other supporting frames, wrapping around supports with thin, spiraling tendrils. The plant has large leaves that form a canopy over the fruit. The fruit of the cucumber is roughly cylindrical, elongated with tapered ends, and may be as large as 60 centimeters (24 in) long and 10 centimeters (3.9 in) in diameter. Having an enclosed seed and developing from a flower, botanically speaking, cucumbers are classified as fruits. However, much like tomatoes and squash they are often perceived, prepared and eaten as vegetables. Cucumbers are usually more than 90% water.

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