Looking for Everyday Meme

Right now I joined 3 meme and because of my laziness and luck off articles or post to write that is why I’m busy looking and searching for memes that I can join everyday, hehehehe. As of the moment i only join 3 memes, the new Wednesday White -love the white, Friday Fill Ins-fun and Sunday Stealing and I missed an entry again ahemm. And because of the above reasons why I need a whole week memes (monday-sunday) so if I’m having brain blackout (depressing moments ) again did I mention laziness again, yeah I’m lazy that’s why I need the memes power. If that happens I would never missed an everyday post. I’m I genius or what? I’m just being lazy again I know. I’m open for suggestion and recommendations and I hope somebody will suggest and recommend. hehehe! waiting! waiting!.

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