My Sunglasses, My Eye Protection

Before, I’m not really into sunglasses like my sister, but since I already have problem with my eyesight, this sunglasses come in handy and eyeglass is not enough to protect me from the hot weather my head easily get hurt. So I just use my eyeglass when I’m inside our house or mall. But when I’m outside riding jeepneys and doing outside errands my sunglasses is very helpful for me to protect my eyes for the heat and dust that is lurking around the city. I have three sets of sunglasses, most of the time I use the one my sisters give me and I was thinking of buying a few this Christmas. I’m not really into brands, but if it’s cheaper why not a Bolle sunglasses, it would be a nice and useful gifts for my family especially my parents. Their eye protection since they always ride my father’s motorcycle when visiting my brother. And I think nowadays, it’s really advisable that we bring and wear sunglasses when going outside well, except for those countries that is snowing. It’s one way of pampering our eyes for dust and heat of the sun.

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