New Member of the Pets Club

We have a new member of our pets club her name is misha. I know I been complaining about our pets especially the cats but I really wanted new pet dog for our prince, that he will have a playmate aside from our cats. My prince sometimes thinks he is a cat that he can jump and chase cats everywhere same as sassy. He even eat sassy catfood than his dogfood, so most of the time the cat will eat prince dogfood hehehe. And it’s find with me because cat food is much more expensive that prince dogfood. So anyways, misha is prince new playmate right now but most of the time prince will find ways to get misha out of his way because this little puppy is always playful and price sometimes I think get piss off when misha will star biting his ear and tail.

The left puppy is misha our cute little spoiled puppy and the one on the right is pow-pow, my sisters friend who rent a room in our house. I thought they name it bruno since she looks like a bruno to me..hehehhe. But I guess her daughter don’t like it.

And this is prince and misha eating together but instead eat the food that really meant for them but they exchange food. Like father like daughter because misha is eating prince food and prince is eating misha food how cute right. Misha is prince daughter with a dachshund dog, I wanted to get that puppy that prince look a like but I thinking about the fur and grooming so I choose this little gal because less fur problem.

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