On Christmas Day

It’s hard to celebrate Christmas when you know that many people are still trying to overcome the tragic of typhoon sendong. We all know that many families are still staying in an evacuation places and grieving for their loss. Many children died and some are missing, so celebrating our Christmas like before is hard to do instead we just buy some food to cook on Christmas eve and then said merry Christmas to my pets then sleep. It’s still a merry Christmas to us even though we don’t have the extravagant food. And the day after, my sister and I chat online and exchange Christmas news and give me money for my bills. I just spend my money paying my bills instead of buying food that I know will expired after Christmas because I’m celebrating Christmas alone. Then listen to our neighbors singing and dancing their heart out until evening of Dec. 25. Imagine my pets relief when they finish. My other cat almost got drown every time they increase the volume of their components. But all in all it was a happy Christmas so far for me and my pets sassy with her two kitten wahid and itnin the prince and misha.

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