Our Pets Nasty Behavior and My Father’s Component Video Cables

When my sister bought a pet dog we are all happy then my other sister adopted a stray cat and it’s still okay with our parents. But when all of our pets got familiar with the house then all their hidden behavior begins. They keep on running around the house missing up all our bedding’s, playing with our shoes and slippers and the most tiring and irritating part is biting and screwing it after playing especially our dog prince. One time my father forgot to hide the component video cables of our component because he got busy with his visitor after having videoke in our house and our little pet dog together with his cat friend did something nasty and bad to it and it was too late for us to stop them. After they bite and screw all the wiring’s, the cat poop in it too so my father got angry of course. He keeps telling my sister to put the pets outside and then force us to buy new component video cables since it’s our pets that cause the problem and promise him to keep our pets outside if he is not around.

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