A Simple and Sincere Gift

As a daughter who loves and value our parents so much giving them gift is very important. When the time my father retire, me and my other sibling send a retirement gift for him. My brother give him a watch and we bought him vedioke set. It’s useful to him becuase he loves to collect watch and loves to sing. A simple gift or gesture would be great to them, what’s important is that they will appreciate and be happy with all the gift and love that we give, aside from the retirement benefits given to them from the company they work.

For many years of hard work and all the emotional stress our parents put through just to have that retirement benefits that’s really meant for them is not that easy. For all the years they endure working late so that when the time comes that they’re going to retire they would not be a burden to their family and that they will have their own source of income to survive. The financial stability is very hard to accomplish especially now that looking for a stable job is hard to accomplish with all the new graduates and many unemployed people in the country. How much more for our parents who are already old and that need rest working for many years just to keep the family stable in financial needs.

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