Backaches and Headaches for Encoding

I’m not a good person or a person you can rely on in terms of financial problems and the likes. But I really wanted to help other in anyway I can in my own little way (naks). And packing or help packing relief goods or anything that is needed assistance is one of my dream. So, last Friday me and one of the blogger I meet in January EB volunteer to help at DSWD encoding an urgent data that really needed for the relocation of the victim of typhoon sendong and they’re giving us also allowance for that 3 days encoding job.

I like to encode when I was in college I want to own a computer because I want to learn to type fast. I envy those people in the movie who just focus on the screen when typing data than the keyboard. Aside from I’m really slow in the typing department I easily get bored if the data are not that presentable(hehe). For two days I’ve been sleeping almost morning as in five in the morning just to fining the assign data to me because they need it after lunch on the Sunday. I did finish it before Lunch today but I think I will be having a few days step-neck, headaches and backaches because of that.

But my back and head are really killing me right now, every time I try to reprimand the pets my head easily get hurt and my back while typing this post. I never thought that encoding is really that hard job i though you just have to set and play with the keyboard or something but that experience is really something worth remembering. That was the first time I sleep very late for finishing a job. And thank God is all finish and I’m back to my old routine again which by the I try to change one of this days.

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