Misha first Vaccination

Since my BF had an appointment with his vet today for conan (the rottweiler), I was happy that he invite me tag along with him and pay the first vaccine for my pet misha( the mixed breed). At first I was hesitant because I don’t really have money as in not even for the jeepney fare, but he said he will pay and I just pay him back if I had money. That was conan’s 3rd vaccination and the next appointment will be next month for his rabbis I think because he will be 3 months next month. Time flies really fast just a few days ago he is in our care now we’re busy saving for their vaccinations and dogfood. And for misha, it’s her first time and 2nd time on deworming. The poor puppy was really tire because when we got home she just sleep and sleep but that’s for her own good and us too. Now he still sleep and from time to time I will disturb her because i’m bored and want to play withe her.

Next month I have to really save because I would bring prince with us too to start again his vaccination and all that stuff about caring your pets. He only got anti rabies vaccine last year and vaccine for health or something, forgot to ask the vet. hehehe the lots and lots of dogfood. Wish me luck!

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