Pets most stressful behavior encounter

When we first got our first dog prince I only remember the cute moments with him because he’s not very active like the two puppies I have right now. Prince only stressful behaviors was running outside if he has a chance, but if we call him he will listen and come to us, but unlike this two puppies right now Gosh! My head will go crazy telling them not to bite, chase each other all the time, even prince got stress out with them. I tried the tricks I got online about how to train you puppies at the early age, but what else I have to do to make them listen to me. Just this moment prince take a rest after playing with misha and conan, but the two are still running back and for. They even went to our bathroom and chew anything they saw. It is cute and nice to have pets, but I really need to train them listen or else I’ll go crazy with this two. The vet said that if I saw them biting things or anything that is not good for them I just always say no. At first they listen, but if I turn my back to them they back again where they saw that thing and start with the biting again. Stressful ever, from time to time I have to check on those to because if I leave them just a few minutes the house will smell and stressful to look.

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