Pizza Anyone?

This was 2010 or 2011 photos, I not really sure but this day was one of the best day ever, why? Well because my sister pay my brother and give him her ipod speaker. She wanted to visit the place of our childhood moments and my brother is the only one close to us that has a car. Instead of traveling by jeep and transfer to another jeep and all that tiring stuff going to our beloved camp 14 bukidnun she bribe my brother to travel with us. Then she suggested to make a stop over at kitkai to buy food. And because I love pizza why not force her to buy pizza for that special trip. So, there it is, the two box of pizza my sister was holding was our food during that trip. I missed eating pizza already, if I have extra money I always dine-in in a pizza store even if the service sometimes sucks and lousy. For the love of pizza I will endure waiting in vain just to eat that pizza, pizza frenzy food.

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