Rottweiler, A New Pet the Second Time Around

Our new bought rottweiler puppy conan, he’s still 3 months old. Actually this is not my dog but since this is my BF’s dog I considered it mine too just like my two dogs prince and misha. He take care of them as his own pets too.

This his the full view shot of conan, my little misha is not that fun of this guy maybe because his too big for our crossbreed dachshund misha like prince.

The real owner and conan, they look alike! what do you think? I remember he said before buying this puppy that he feels a connection with this kind of dog hahahha, maybe he’s a dog in his past life, LOL.

Rottweiler’s Characteristic and Temperament:

The Rottweiler is a medium-large, powerful dog. His compact and substantial build denotes great strength, agility and endurance. Onaverage, males will range from 95 to 135 lbs and 24″ to 27″ at the shoulder. They are more massive throughout with larger frame and heavier bone than bitches. Bitches will range from 80 to 100 lbs and from 22″ to 25″ at the shoulder. Animals can be found which are taller or shorter than these measurements, however, they are not considered typical by the breed standard. The Rottweiler is ALWAYS black, with clearly defined markings on cheeks, muzzle, chest and legs as well as
over both eyes, that range from tan to deep mahogany. His coat is straight, coarse and of medium length, with an undercoat varying in degree based on climatic conditions. The Rottweiler is a calm and
self-confident dog, who has an inherent desire to protect home and family. Personality may range from highly affectionate to extremely aloof. He is not shy nor highly excitable. He is an intelligent and
highly trainable dog. He is also very much a companion, often following their family members from room to room in the home. Because of his size and strength, it is imperative that he receive proper
socialization and obedience training from an early age. Nervous, shy, excitable or hyperactive individuals are exhibiting traits which are undesirable in an animal the size and strength of the Rottweiler and should be avoided.

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